about the artist

Randy Laskin is an American born, Canadian artist. Her artistic journey began in childhood while growing up in Buffalo, New York. She worked in healthcare for many years where her simple drawings fascinated and delighted her young patients and coworkers. Over the years she has studied drawing and painting with a variety of gifted artists. She continues to hone her skills both technically as well as artistically. Her imagination is fulled by frequent study while exploring a myriad galleries and museums.

Randy's work is representational in nature. Her landscapes, still life and figurative paintings are constructed from the various elements of form, color and shape that encompass the natural environment. She loves the challenge of starting with a blank canvas and bringing an image to life.

Randy paints primarily in acrylics, although will venture into mixed media. Her work has graced the walls of both private as well as corporate venues. Her studies are typically realized on canvas. Bold colors and distinctive shapes enhance her exploration of everyday subject matter. The small wonders of the world around us are Randy's models destined to find life on her canvas.